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Mrs Victoria Azad is a renowned politician who the past 40 years has worked in opposition against the Islamic Republic of Iran. She is known as a political analyst, writer and debater. Mrs Victoria Azad has initiated and started several important oppositional associations and is one of the founders of Iran Yaran. Mrs Victoria Azad is especially known for her strong connections to the opposition within the country. She has written numerous important articles and is one of the key figures within the Iranian opposition who is frequently interviewed on matters with regard to the current political situation in Iran In 2002 she was nominated for the Swedish Parliament and held a fourth place in the election. She holds a MA in Nursing and leadership and has worked as University Adjunct as well as held several Managerial position within her field of work.
نامه به خاویر سولانا و دیگر مقامات حقوق بشری چاپ پست الكترونيكي
درخواست حمایت و استمداد برای کسب مرخصی استعلاحی برای آقایان آیت الله کاظمینی بروجردی ،عباس خرسندی و بهروز جاوید تهرانی
President Javier Solana of European Union council, president of the Human rights commission, Amnesty International, International Secretariat, Human Rights Watch, Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR), Access to the Council of Europe, Reporters without border
April 8, 2009/ Sweden

Subject: Announcement in support of Ayatollah Kazemini Borojerdi , Abbas Khorsandi and Behrooz Javid Tehrani (political prisoners) held in Islamic republic prisons.
From: Member of the Amnesty International and Member of Swedish Women's Organization
As a member of Amnesty International I want to write to you about Ayatollah Seyyed Hossein Kazemeyni Boroujerdi, an Iranian Muslim cleric who advocates the separation of religion and government. He has been in the Central Yazd prison, his health has been seriously deteriorated and he is refused health service inside of prison, furthermore he has a bone disease that needs medical attention and X-ray but Mr. Boroujerdi is not allowed permission to leave the prison to get medical attention, I would respectfully ask you to grant him permission to get medical attention as his imprisonment terms goes against the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.
Another Political Prisoner named Abbas Khorsandi who received an eight year prison sentence was confirmed by Branch 36 of Tehran’s Revolutionary Court. Mr. Khorsandi, a political activist charged with associating with and organizing illegal gatherings for the Democratic Party of Iran, was originally given eight years imprisonment by Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court, headed by judge Salavati.  Mr. Khorsandi had been in jail for eleven months prior to the new judgment back in 7th of august 2008, however due to continuous torture and beatings his health has been deteriorating and he as well has been denied medical care.  He is refused medical attention. I respectfully ask you to grant his freedom and medical attention and stop his torturing.
Moreover another dissident of the Islamic republic of Iran by the name of Behrooz Javid Tehrani a former student activist who has been facing prison for since 1999 who is imprisoned in the ill-famed Rejay Shahr prison in Karaj outside of Tehran is being tortured and his family outside of prison is being harassed and fraught. He is beaten on a daily basis and threats to his sister and other family members are used to further inflict physiological torture to him. He alongside several other political prisoners in Iran are being refused to medical attention. Mr. Javid Tehrani is one of the last survivors of 18 tir Student demonstration in Iran. I respectfully ask you to grant his freedom and stop his tortures.


Victoria Azad
Woman rights and political Activist in Sweden
Member of Amnesty International-Swede
Member of Swedish Women's Organization
Member of the research group at Gothenburg University
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Tel. 00 46 739383902

عالیجنابان :

خاوير سولانا رييس کميته سياست خارجی اتحاديه اروپا ، رئيس كميته حقوق بشر، سازمان عفو بين الملل ، دبيرخانه بين الملل، ديده بان حقوق بشر، دفتر کميساریای عالی حقوق بشر سازمان ملل متحد، مجمع پارلماني شوراي اروپا، گزارشگران بدون مرز- سوئد
 موضوع : اعلام حمايت از آيت الله كاظميني بروجردي، عباس خرسندي و بهروز جاويد تهراني (زندانيان سياسي) كه در زندان هاي جمهوري اسلامي نگهداري مي شوند.

از طرف : عضو سازمان عفو بين الملل و عضو سازمان زنان سوئد

به عنوان عضوي از عفو بين الملل، مي خواهم در مورد آيت الله سيد حسين كاظميني بروجردي بنويسم.
 او یک روحاني مسلمان ايراني است كه از جدايي دين از حكومت دفاع مي كند. وی اينك در زندان مركزي يزد بسر می برد و سلامتي او در تهدید جدي قرار دارد. او از دستيابي به تجهیزات پزشكي در درون زندان محروم بوده و از بيماريهاي استخواني رنج مي برد و نياز فوری به مراقبت هاي پزشكي و ام . آر . آي دارد؛ با اين حال به آقاي بروجردي اجازه مرخصی درمانی جهت برخورداری از مراقبت هاي پزشكي داده نمی شود. محترمانه از شما درخواست می نمایم كه اجازه برخورداری از مراقبت هاي پزشكي لازم را به وي اعطا نمائيد با اين وجود كه شرايط زنداني شدن وي، خلاف اعلامیه جهاني حقوق بشر است.

از دیگر زندانيان سياسي عباس خرسندي است؛ كه توسط شعبه 36 دادگاه انقلاب تهران ، به هشت سال زندان محكوم شده بود.  آقاي خرسندي يك فعال سياسي است که به دليل همكاري با سازمان هاي غير دولتی و سازماندهي حزب دموكرات ايران، توسط شعبه 15 دادگاه انقلاب، حكم هشت سال زندان را از قاضي صلواتي دريافت كرده بود. وي پيش از برگزاري دادگاهش در تاريخ 7 اگوست 2008، 11 ماه در زندان سپري كرده بود. به هر حال سلامتي ایشان به دليل استمرار در آزار و اذیت و شكنجه، در خطر است. وي دريافت هر گونه خدمات پزشكي را تکذیب نموده است و اعلام نموده، که از دريافت هر نوع مراقبت هاي پزشكي محروم می باشد. محترمانه از شما تقاضا دارم كه به ايشان اجازه آزادي و امكان دريافت مراقبت هاي پزشكي و همچنین توقف شكنجه را اعطا نمائيد.

از ديگر مخالفان رژيم جمهوري اسلامي، بهروز جاويد تهراني است که اولين فعال دانشجويي است كه از ابتداي سال 1999 محکوم به زندان گردیده و تا کنون در زندان رجائي شهر كرج در اطراف شهر تهران، زنداني و تحت شكنجه می باشد. در حاليكه خانواده او در خارج از زندان، نگران و تحت فشار بودند؛ او به صورت روزانه تحت شکنجه قرار می گرفت و جهت تشدید شكنجه هاي روحي وی، خواهر و ديگر اعضاي خانواده اش را نيز تهديد مي كردند. او نيز همانند ديگر زندانيان سياسي از دريافت مراقبت هاي پزشكي محروم است. آقاي جاويد تهراني يكي از آخرين بازمانده هاي جنبش دانشجويي 18 تيرماه 1378 در ايران مي باشد. از شما درخواست می نمایم كه اجازه آزادي و توقف شكنجه ايشان را اعطا نمائيد.

با سپاس

ويكتوريا آزاد

فعال سياسي و حقوق زنان سوئد

عضو سازمان عفو بين الملل سوئد

عضو سازمان زنان سوئد

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