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Mrs Victoria Azad is a renowned politician who the past 40 years has worked in opposition against the Islamic Republic of Iran. She is known as a political analyst, writer and debater. Mrs Victoria Azad has initiated and started several important oppositional associations and is one of the founders of Iran Yaran. Mrs Victoria Azad is especially known for her strong connections to the opposition within the country. She has written numerous important articles and is one of the key figures within the Iranian opposition who is frequently interviewed on matters with regard to the current political situation in Iran In 2002 she was nominated for the Swedish Parliament and held a fourth place in the election. She holds a MA in Nursing and leadership and has worked as University Adjunct as well as held several Managerial position within her field of work.
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شبکه ایرانیاران

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 اولین برنامه ایرانیاران در تلویزیون کانال یک با اجرای ویکتوریا آزاد موسس و رایزن این شبکه با موضوع معرفی شبکه ایرانیاران و استراتژی این شبکه در رسیدن به هدفِ اتحاد در اپوزیسیونِ مخالف با رژیم جمهوری اسلامی اجرا شد.

برای دیدن این برنامه به کانال یوتیوب #شبکه_ایرانیاران رجوع کنید👇
این برنامه را در کانال یک نیز میتوانید ملاحظه کنید
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The important reason for the Iranian uprising چاپ پست الكترونيكي

The important reason for the Iranian uprising in September 2022

Source: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-iranian-people-uprising-2022/

Victoria Azad
Every time the people of Iran have risen up and raised their voices against the government and injustice, they have clearly defined the direction of their movement with their slogans.

In 1999 the movement, which mainly included students, protested against the lack of freedom and the regime’s missile attack on students on their university premises.

In 2009 there were calls again. This time people rose up after scandals in the election results. They came out on the streets to claim their usurped votes.

In December 2016, they rose again against Rohani’s government, high prices of food, housing and unemployment. They were severely crushed. The protest stopped but it was started again in November 2018. Then it started with big anti-government protests against 300% increases in petrol price, and they chanted slogans against fundamentalists and reformists in that government warning them that their time is over. They pointed out that the two phalanxes in the regime are the same and can no longer deceive the people. By that time, the protestors had passed the reformist discourse and the discourse of Revolt took hold and became their agenda. In less than three years, the field fighters organized themselves into secret units, waiting for a golden opportunity to surprise the regime.

This right occasion for rebellion was 15 September 2022, when demonstrations began against the murder of #Mehsa_Amini. Field activists came to the field with the woman, life, and freedom as a symbol of modernity. Today they consider their identity and national pride have been completely lost and therefore must be regained. A full-fledged national movement has now emerged in Iran. This time, the discourse on Regime Chang in Iran and the end of the Islamic regime has the highest priority. In addition to the nationwide uprising of the Iranian people against the mullahs and the mullahs’ government, a special message is to “raise the status of women from a subordinate role to a superior one”. Objection to sharia law and state slavery system is extremely large. The large and courageous presence of women in this rebellion alongside solidarity and modern men against the apartheid of the Islamic government is very prominent. This widespread uprising is increasing in strength and number of participants and will lead to a major revolution for democracy and the removal of religious and Shiite restrictions from the government on society. A profound revolution with a very modern, ambitious and nationalist orientation targeting the heart of the Islamic regime in Iran. A revolution that is definitely one of the most prominent events in human history. A phenomenon that will shake the Islamic world. The slogan “woman, life, freedom” (Jen, Xian, Azadi) started in Kurdistan and spread throughout Iran. This is not just a slogan. This is the result of Iranian society’s cultural renaissance in the transition from tradition to modernity and the intersection of Sharia law. People struggling with the economic crisis and rampant inflation, but their motto is women, life, freedom. They shout: We do not want an Islamic Republic in Iran. At the same time, this is a serious warning to those political groups and international forces who do not want our Iran united : Iranians are not separated, but they gather forces for freedom and the establishment of a democratic and secularized government in the country. Right now, the solidarity of the Iranian people from west to east, from north to south has shaken the body of the brutal Islamic regime. They can no longer continue this situation. They have no legitimacy.

The discourse of the Iranian people this time is subversion of the regime and recapture Iran. It is a discourse of patriotism. And it has been heard among people in Europe and the United States and all over the world. This time we see that these heroic people are determined to overthrow the rule of the mullahs and will overthrow it!

Now we expect all nations and governments in the world, including Europe, America, Asia, Africa to support the people of Iran. The Islamic regime oppresses the people in a terrible way. Everyone should be their voice.

Source: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/why-iranian-people-uprising-2022/

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تفاهم نامه شبکه ایرانیاران
شبکه ایرانیاران برای تفاهم و اتحاد و همبستگی ملی تفاهم نامه پیشنهادی خود را تقدیم کرده، سندی که قابلیت سند پایه یک دولت موقت را دارد. با امضای این تفاهم نامه حمایت خود را اعلام کنید. امضای شما میتواند با اسم مستعار نیز باشد. بداخل پتیشین بروید و درخواستنامه را امضا کنید. تا کنون۶۷۲ امضا که دستکم ۹۰٪ درصد امضاها از درونمرز است بزیر این تفاهم نامه گذاشته شده است.
شما نیز با حمایت خود از این تفاهم نامه یکبار برای همیشه به تحجر و بیعدالتی و بی قانونی نه بگویید.

تفاهم‌نامه پیشنهادی برای اجماع مخالفین جمهوری اسلامی

«شبکه ایرانیاران»
 ایران ما، در اندوه و ماتم نشسته است، او نیازمند یاری تک‌تک ماست. آسیب‌ها چنان پیکر او را خراشیده است که اگر به یاری‌اش نشتابیم برای همیشه از دست خواهد رفت. زمان کوتاهی باقی‌مانده است. ما جمعی از نیروهای سکولار دموکرات برخاسته از متن جامعه و نمایندگانی پرمخاطب از اقشار مختلف مردم ایران در عرصه فضای حقیقی و مجازی، اعم از (مسیحی، مسلمان، بلوچ، کرد، آذری، بی‌دین، پادشاهی خواه، جمهوری‌خواه، فدراتیو خواه و...) از داخل و خارج از کشور بپا خاسته ایم تا با مشورت و همکاری و تعامل با یکدیگر به‌اتفاق همه نیروهای دموکرات و آزادیخواه درون و برون مرز، یک اقدام ملی جهت فراهم آوردن شرایط تشکیل شورای وحدت مخالفین جمهوری اسلامی و ایجاد امید در میان ملت بزرگ ایران و فراهم آوردن شرایط یک خیزش میلیونی و تشکیل یک آلترناتیو بدیل برای گذار از جمهوری اسلامی، تشکیل مجلس مؤسسان و تدوین قانون اساسی نوین اقدام کنیم. بقیه در پتیشن زیر قابل ملاحظه است.


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