victoria11My article about Iran & the resolution favoring the people of Iran in Times of Israel.
NOV 21, 2023
The results of our survey on the Telegram channel Iranyarannetwork!

Victoria Azad

In the poll that was conducted among you on the Telegram channel of Iranyarannetwork, the question was; Do you agree with the military attack by Israel/ US on IRGC (Sepahe Pasdaran) bases in Iran and Khamenei’s headquarters or not? Two options were introduced, one is yes, I agree, the other is no, I don’t agree.
A total of 3300 people saw this post within 24 hours and 1042 people participated in the voting. 85% chose yes, I agree, and 15% chose no, I don’t agree.

90% of the members of Iranyaran Network channel live inside of Iran. 20% of voters had reposted the poll. First a lot of thanks to everyone who participated.

The conclusion of this survey is;
The Iranian people have come to the conclusion that if Israel and America intend to help the Iranian nation, they should attack the military bases of IRGC inside of Iran, it’s not enough they attack the Quds Force/Pasdar bases in Syria. The majority of people of Iran also want US/Israel to destroy Khameneis castle and IRGC military bases. This survey is a full-fledged reflection of the political belief and diagnosis of the Iranian nations situation.

In a word, the people of Iran hate the Islamic Republic so much that they are willing to sacrifice their military bases for their freedom and liberation, their wish is not far from expected, because if any other person from any other country had fought against the dictator as much as the Iranians and they had experienced so many failures, they would definitely come to the same conclusion.

Some friends have also sent me comments, the summary of which is this;
Freeing the Libyan people from the hands of Gaddafi the executioner was impossible without the intervention of NATO.

Some believe that Iranians are different from all the people of the Middle East because they have extremely developed human resources that enable them to overcome critical situations quickly.

Some people believe that the life of people in Iran is a gradual death.

*Some believe that the death rate caused by mass traffic accidents, diseases, tsunamis of cancer, severe air and food pollution, addiction and hunger in Iran is much higher than the casualties in a war like Gaza.

* Some believe that the Islamic Republic understands the language of force better, and since it is a force and the people do not have the ability to use force with it, therefore, with military pressure, it will be easier to overthrow this regime and people will be saved from this tyranny.

Some others believe that by knocking down the bases of IRGC and headquarters of the repression of the Islamic regime, the people will revive and it will be easier to overthrow the anti-Iranian and anti-human regime by the people, just like what happened in Libya by Nato.

The red line is; the Iranian people are against any kind of military attack on the civilian population, industrial, nuclear and oil centers of Iran, and if such attacks are carried out‌ In these parts it will cause long-lasting resentment and hatred of the great nation of Israel‌ and America and their allies.

However with that said, the majority of the Iranian people agree with a limited attack that will lead to the overthrow of the islamic regime in Iran.

This information is accurate and so far you have not taken any serious action inside Iran, it has caused people to say that foreign powers are complicit with Iran’s Islamic regime and they want this ignorant and repressive regime for Iran to stay in power. Some even say that Khamenei and his mercenaries are Israeli spies. Settle your accounts with the enemies of the Iranian nation before it is too late and the regime does not drop the atomic bomb.

Conclusion: In order to help the people of Iran, the Islamic regime should impose a complete oil embargo, cancel all contracts with the regime, put the IRGC on the terrorist list, destroy IRGC military bases inside Iran and Khamenei’s headquarters. If you hit IRGC bases in Syria and Iraq, why not in Iran?

Link to the poll on the telegram channel of the Iranian network.