leaves him with severe injuries
By Victoria Azad
According to reports received recently from the infamous Evin prison on the 27th of February 2011, a group of prison officers have stormed the detention centre of Mr. Boroujerdi in order to inflict abuse upon him.


Mr. Boroujerdi was attacked and severely beaten and after the repeated beatings and insults to the imprisoned dissident, his arms and legs were tied and his body was cut with infected razorblades. Moreover the officers violently shaved his beard with the same infected razors and caused deep wounds and cuts to his face.
Executing such actions on political prisoners is meant to intensify the pressures, threats and repression on dissidents and protesters whom are against the supreme leaders rule.

Now, nearly five years has passed since the illegal arrest and imprisonment of Mr. Boroujerdi. Despite all the physical and psychological torture, Mr. Boroujerdi still withholds his position of a secular Iran and has furthermore explicitly rejected the supreme leader existence.

Mr. Boroujerdi, an important figure of the opposition for the strive for democracy in Iran, insists that a free and supervised referendum must be held by the United Nations, in order for the Iranian people to reclaim their votes, choose their fate and model their own governmental system.

Besides condemning the imprisonment of Mr. Boroujerdi, his supporters declare their solidarity with the nation's freedom movement as well as condemning the arrest of all political prisoners- including dissidents such as Mr. Mousavi and Karroubi.

March, 8, 2011