On the morning of Wednesday the 11th of November the execution of the political prisoner Ehsan Fattahian death sentence in will incur Sanandaj prison. The family of Mr. Fattahian and his lawyer has confirmed the death sentence and the date.

 Hereby we urge the UN Human Rights Commission, Europe Union and United Nations Secretary-General to apply to cancel the cruel sentence or delay this serious action must immediately.

Furthermore we wish to urge all civil institutions, humanitarian and human rights defenders to take any measures to stop this unjust and inhumane sentence. Moreover we urge all the Farsi and Kurdish speaking media to cover this story and defend the life of this freedom seeking human and make this a civil rights matter and aid us in the defence of Mr Fattahi´s Case.

Victoria Azad
Woman rights and political Activist in Sweden
Member of Amnesty International-Sweden
Member of Swedish Liberal party & women's organisation
Member of the research group at Gothenburg University
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