How to prevent war and the use of military power by tyrants in the Middle East - Iran?
For me, who have experienced the ugliness of the Iran and Iraq war, I know that war is an inhumane phenomena and its use uncivilized and unnecessary.
 The occurrence of war stems from pure human evil and the incomplete growth of us human beings and unfortunately more millenniums has to pass before a true change will take place.


To be able to stop an augmentation of the military power in the region and the repeat of another tragedy that will affect Iran, one must act like a two edged sword. On one hand keep the pressure on the savage regime of Iran whilst on the other hand keeping the international community informed about the breaches of human rights carried out by the this regime.
We have never left the fighting ground and we will do whatever in our power using civilized means, because war is not a fitting transition to democracy.
As long as the opposition acts weak it leaves a void that will be filled by this tyrant regime and who will be in more and more control. In order to change this phenomenon woman must take initiative to overthrow their oppressors. Our primary actions need to be through means of civil disobedience, civil resistance and participation in grassroots movements.
Women are the group that has the most reason and will benefit the most from the removal of this oppressive regime. Women are not motivated by power in order to satisfy their needs, they need power to change the structure of the society, for all, and this is what motivates them and makes them ready to accept the cost of such resistance.
 Our weapons are enlightenment and unity.

Victoria Azad
Licensed Nurse, Master Sc. Nursing
Project Manager
Member of Amnesty international
Member of liberal Party of Sweden
Member of Iranian Women's Union for Democracy (IWUD)
Former member of work & family support town council- Sweden
Swedish Parliaments Candidate 2002